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Hide Calculator -Best way to hide file 2.2.1 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Lifestyle
Price: 1.99$

The Best APP for Hide Files........
No need to worry about people accidentally stumbling across your 'special' movies or files any more.

What every one sees is just an ordinary calculator, but after you enter the password, you can get access to your secret files.

It is a Safety-Box. It can keep your files safety.
It is a Movie-Box. It can Play the all video files converted for use on the iPhone.
It is a Suitcase. Support storage any file on iPhone/iPod and copy them to other computer easily.(via iTunes).
It is a Calculator, It is the most useful utility tool in your life.

✔Now Support USB Transport!!! WIFI is not require anymore.
✔ The unique method to set up your password. And you will never forget the password.
✔ Creates a safe password protected storage area for all your movies and videos.
✔ Support for all video files converted for use on the iPhone. Usually Quicktime compatible files ending in .Mov, .MP4, .M4v .Mp3 .*
✔Support for all Photo file, like JPG/GIF/PNG/......
*For other formats provided you can do so legally there are a variety of tools freely available to enable you to convert your videos to play on the iPhone/iPod Touch.
✔ Includes ability to pause, resume, fforward and rewind, with icon for played/unplayed.

Developer Note: If upgrading please take the time to read the Update notes first.

Report To Developer: parkerlpg(AT)
CONTENT RATING: Low Maturity SIZE: 4897343 Bytes RATING:
4.5( 15363.6)

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Languages: ZH, EN
Apple AppStore ID: 417587677

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